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AMT 1963 Impala - Advanced Custom Version


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So the last thing I need is yet another WIP Thread...   or Project....  but this one hit me as something I had to attempt.

The Web/Internet theme for the 2020 NNL east is this newly re-issued 63 impala kit, this kit has the "advanced custom parts" and asymmetrical front and rear treatments. 

Upon seeing these currently and in past reissues, I have heard myself and others go "ewe, well there are parts no one will ever use"  .. well... I decided to challenge myself to make something out of this for NNL East.

My first though was an offset cab surf board hauler..   but then when I cut the roof off and set it back on in a Cab-Forward layout... something clicked...   ShowRod Hauler!

What if Ed Roth was given a 1963 Impala to customize as he wished to haul his various vehicles to shows... Maybe even keep the surf theme and toss a couple Surfites on there...  Im not sure yet...but the ideas are flowing.

Here is the current progress, A couple days into the fun...


Front and rear treatments installed...  roof removed... I shifted the asymmetrical portion of the grill/hood over approximately 1/4" to match the rear treatment.... it bothered me it wasnt the same.


Then onto the roof....  removed 1-1/8" from the roof, reassembled and re-installed.



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Oh my God, an advanced custom option ? ?   

On an otherwise standard version of the car those options look  horrible, but somehow if you chop the roof up like that, it makes the crazy front and rear end look good !  I'll admit you get full marks for imagination, and I can see this really working out !

If it's anything like any the rest of your builds this is going to be one to watch, I'm with you all the way buddy !


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4 hours ago, SSNJim said:

Very cool. I'll be following along. It might be a good candidate for Lamborghini-style doors. Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Either that, or hinge the greenhouse to tilt, sorta like the bubble top show cars from years ago.

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So I open this thread and start reading, search, seeking through the words and the pictures, seeing in my mind Roth smiling in the background. Wonder who in their right mind would build such a thing? And thinking of a particular model builder I know. Going back to the author of this post and yes, that's the guy! 

As always I will be watching

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Very cool Eric! I will be watching, and know you will do an amazing job on this project!

When we meet to discuss NNL East themes, we try to make choices that give people a lot of creative room!  It's fun to see what folks come up with and how the themes get interpreted.   

The web theme allows us to pick something new, close to show time. Note that the main themes are chosen more than a year in advance.  Actually I already know the 2021 theme.  So we can choose something trending a few months before the show.

We chose the Chevy because it's freshly out with the custom parts, and compliments our main theme of  "Known Survivors". Some of our folks questioned,  "So you add the custom parts... then what?"   Well, you just answered that question!   

It's  fun to make other people build models!


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3 minutes ago, Tom Geiger said:

It's  fun to make other people build models!

My kit arrives next week! ?. I was trying to think “what would Impalow build?” and come up with something wilder...but you’ve gotta drink some pretty strong coffee in the morning to out-concept this guy ?

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I know how it is when this cab-forward idea strikes you. I still have one in my display case that I built  57 years ago from a '63 T-bird. Moved the cab forward,added Lincoln Futura grille, Powered if with two 413 hemis,added a bubble top and dual rear wheels,painted it blue metal flake, and upholstered  in white rolls and pleats. Be very careful here this thing can lead you on a walk on the wild side! Be sure to keep us appraised of you progress.

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