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'73 Eldorado


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Hi guys.

Here's a tribute to my own beloved 1973 Cadillac DeVille that I used to drive some years ago. I had a damaged 1973 Eldorado promo left that I wanted to restore with the exact same colours combination than my late DeVille. So here she is, with new paint and polished coats, interior wood-ish door panels, carpeting, white walls, front and rear fender shock absorber lines and detailed bumpers, detailed hood with thin gold lines. Scripts needs attention and I aslo need to find side mirrors, which is quite hard to do !. Anyway, hope that Caddy will please some of you. Cheers.











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3 hours ago, Claude Thibodeau said:

Hi JP!

Well, masterfull, as usual! Bravo. 

A gentleman in my small town had that car, but in Dove Grey. Your colour and/or Dove gray are perfect for that stately design. 

May I ask what is the name or code of that GM colour?


Hi Claude !

Merci infiniment :P !.

For 1973, Cadillac calls it "Harvest Yellow", code mfg 81. It's a pale but rich cream colour that goes really well with these ligns, you're absolutely right. Thanks again.

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22 hours ago, fordf-100 said:

WOW! That is beautiful!! How did you get such fine pinstripes on the hood?

Hi Phillip !

Thanks very much. Stripes are 0.2 and 0.1 millimeters gold decal lines on this Eldorado. Decal Brand is "Studio27". They exist in many colours. Silver, Black, White, Gold if I remember correctly. They come in a card of 0.1 to 0.5 mil that you can find on Ebay but availability is sometimes limited. Quality is very good but it is so thin that it is quite hard to apply once watered , especially if you want tight ligns.

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