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  1. That's 1/24 scale. Some people refuse to build in that scale for whatever reason.
  2. I disagree with Dupli Color primer being better than Tamiya. I used to use Dupli Color and since I do mostly customs, I was always fighting ghosting issues with it. It would cause crazy glue, putty and joints in the styrene to shrink. Not to mention that it doesn't lay down nearly as smooth as Tamiya or go on as thin. One is made to go over styrene. The other is not.
  3. I've used DC a few times. I always shoot it straight out of the can. But, if you prefer to use an airbrush, I would go that route.
  4. Looks close to Tamiya Pure White to me. This is what it looks like. This is Tamiya Pearl White.
  5. Thanx! I plan on using that piece also. I just like to see how they look with the uptop on.
  6. Thanx! I agree. But, then it would lose it's "backyard" identity. Not to mention if I did that, then I would have to do this....and this.....and then it would end up back in a box.
  7. To me, it kinda looks like an aftermarket distributor.
  8. I have finally settled on the wheel and tire setup on this thing! This is what I was looking for! They tie everything together! The black, white and chrome. The wheels aren't seated into the tires in this photo as the paint on the tires wasn't completely dry. But, I couldn't wait to see what they looked like! With the budget look it has, I'm going to just build the engine as it would have came out of a '57 Chevy. The only addition will be a chrome air cleaner. Now I can maybe make some progress and get this thing done!
  9. I wonder if the Monte Carlo will come with the chopper and trailer like it did in the last (I think) issue? I have one of the RCHTA issues that has the chopper and trailer.
  10. Yeah, I'm hoping to have it done before then Larry. I appreciate the offer! I'm still digging through parts hoping to find something that will work. I may just stick the Fuelie setup from the '57 on it. Another member gave me an idea using the setup from a '65 GTO. We'll see.
  11. IF you could find it, Model Masters made a Dark Cherry Pearl years ago. But, has been discontinued for quite some time. Try doing a search on ebay. I've scored some of the other colors a few times there. This is what it looks like.
  12. Thanx Larry! I found a set of finned valve covers. But, they're not the Corvette covers. Still haven't got a 3x2 intake, carbs and cleaners. Still looking. I'm not feeling the steel wheels and whitewalls. The tires just look too big. If it didn’t have the fenders, they'd be perfect I think. The Torque Thrusts aren't quite what I want either. But, I like them better than the rest. I think the reason I'm not feeling the chrome reverse wheels is that they look like they're painted with chrome paint instead of looking like chrome. I'm going to get a set of Pegasus Chrome Reverse wheels and see what they look like on it. Another idea I have is taking a set of chrome reverse wheels with baby Moon hubcaps and paint the wheels black. I think they would tie the black and chrome together on the body.
  13. I got some paint sprayed on finally! The frame, front axle/hubs, and rearend/hubs are painted with Dupli Color Bright Red. The springs will get painted satin black. The body is painted with Tamiya Satin Black. Not sure if I'll bump up the shine or not. I thought I would try a couple of different wheel and tire options again. Once the paint was on, the chrome reverse wheels kinda seemed outta place.
  14. Saw that as well. The guy is definitely an idiot. A few minutes spent on figuring out why the throttle was sticking would've saved him, as well as the innocent victim he slammed into, a lot of grief and pain. It also didn't help that the car was equipped with harnesses. But, neither of them felt they needed them. It was ironic that in the beginning of the video, he said he wasn't going to do anything stupid like drag race it. Oh well, he got his 11:55 minutes of fame.
  15. Exactly. I can see having an obituary thread pinned in the Off Topic section. But, not here. This section is for General Automotive Talk (Trucks And Cars). An obituary thread just doesn't belong here.
  16. Thanx Carl! I'm actually wanting the setup from the Revell Model A. I wasn't thinking of that kit when I made my post. Definitely want the valve covers. I'll send a PM shortly.
  17. I need the air cleaners for the carburetors.
  18. Did you spray it over gray or white primer? The color chips can be off sometimes. But, the cap on the can is usually right on the money. When in doubt, do a test spray.
  19. I have to agree with you. But, like you say, they're what makes a '32 Chevy. My plan to tone them down is to paint them body color and glue them slightly opened. I'm also not a fan of the headlight bars and dual horns. I'm going to cut the horns away and see if that helps. I may have to snag a headlight bar from a Ford.
  20. I see no reason to test the aerodynamics of a model car.
  21. Yeah. Here's an in progress pic. Here's a couple of it finished up.
  22. Looking for a three two barrel intake, carbs and breathers along with a pair of Corvette valve covers for a small block Chevy. I have plenty of parts to trade.
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